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This is a GREAT TIME to "walk in the shoes" of our customers

Get the equivalent of years of working with real customers... in just 3 days! Our training partner, Intuit QuickBooks Training (you might know them as Real World Training), developed a 3-day training curriculum that lets you "walk in the shoes" of our customers. Experience the joy (and struggles) that real customers feel every day.

Here's the suggested curriculum...

Start with the Crash Course in Accounting (1 day)...

followed by the QBO Immersion class (2 days).

Jenna Zoom.jpg

Our core classes...3 days of training delivered via Zoom

Crash Course in Accounting

(1-day class)


The nuts and bolts of accounting in a day!

In this intensive one-day class, you'll learn everything from debits/credits and journal entries to accounting principles and financial statements. Day 1 of our 3 day curriculum.

Experience QBO by "walking in the shoes" of our customers

You learn important workflows and where users struggle with QBO. You also learn how different types of users  use QBO in very different ways. Days 2 and 3 of our 3 day curriculum

QBO Immersion

(2-day class)


Our schedule

All classes start at 9:30am Pacific time
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