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We're here to help you reach your goals!

We've taught many customized classes to folks all over Intuit. This page lists some of our classes.

Unfortunately, we don't have enough demand to put these classes on our regular schedule. However...if you are interested in these, or other customized classes, please reach out to us at #realworldtraining-consulting.

Our other classes

QBDT Immersion

Experience QBO by "walking in the shoes" of our customers (1 day)

You learn important workflows and where users struggle with QBDT. You also learn that different types of users interact and use QBO in very different ways.

Inventory A to Z

1-day "deep-dive" into Inventory in QuickBooks

You'll start with an overview of the accounting for inventory and basic workflows. Then you'll learn more advanced features in Enterprise like landed costs and sit operations.

A 1-day immersion class that covers features exclusive to QBO Advanced


You'll learn LOTS about QBO Advanced. Take a deep-dive into the challenges and needs of mid-market businesses and how QBO Advanced helps them meet their goals.

QBO Advanced Immersion

QBO International

Our QBO Immersion Class...customized for your country

Do you work on one of the international versions of QBO? Whether it be Australia, the UK, France, Canada, or Brazil...we've got you covered with this class!

Payroll Immersion

A 1-day class from the customer's perspective

Real World Training designed this class to help you understand the fundamentals of payroll, and deepen your customer empathy and QBO Payroll knowledge. 

Tell us what you need and we'll design a custom class for you

Do you lead a team that needs training? We've got you covered. Reach out to us with your learning objectives and goals. We'll take it from there and design a course for you.

Your Custom Class

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